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True or false, that's what I was told in graduate school by a grim, marginally successful creative writing professor.

I’ve since found many who share his sentiment, from CEOs of major corporations (for whom I have written speeches and presentations) to experts in their field, as well as everyday folk with interesting lives (for whom I’ve worked as a ghostwriter or memoirist) to talented fiction writers simply trying to tell a story (with whom I have worked as reader, editor, coach and mentor). 

I’m Tom Parker (aka Thomas Trebitsch Parker), and writing is not a hellish experience for me. In fact, I’ve made a career of it, and of helping people tell their stories and express themselves on the page, in video and film, and at the podium. 

As a writer of speeches and executive presentations for dozens of corporations, a New York Times best-selling author and memoirist, a former Stanford writing instructor, and a prize-winning, Pulitzer Prize-nominated novelist and short fiction writer, I can help you get your story on the page and make it memorable.

Here’s how:

Whether you’re looking for a memoirist, co-author (as in, “as told to Tom Parker…” “with Tom Parker…” or “and Tom Parker…” on the cover) or prefer a discreet, stealth writer in the wings, I’m that guy.

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Coaching, Reading & Editing

Have a book, story, article, or almost any other form of writing in progress? Need a savvy mentor, coach, reader and/or editor who understands you and your audience, knows your marketplace, and, most important, gets what you’re trying to say? I’m that guy.

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Executive Presentations & Speeches

In an ideal world, executives execute and presenters present. In the real world, what and how well an executive presents (and speaks) often determines how well he or she can execute. Someone has to fill the breach. I’m that guy.

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